Therapy & Outpatient Treatment

Total Life Counseling is proud to now offer E-Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of E-therapy at Total Life Counseling

  • No commutes to therapy offices
  • No waiting in the lobby
  • Therapy from the comfort of your home
  • Increased privacy
  • Video sessions on your computer or smart phone

E-therapy at Total Life Counseling is offered via OnCall Health. Using a simple app, clients are able to conduct online therapy sessions through a secure video stream. Just open your OnCall app 5 minutes before your appointment and select, "join call". You'll be connected to your therapist as soon as they join the call also.  E-therapy clients can also use this app to view future appointments.

E-therapy Details:

                                           Currently offered by:           Devan Hunt  LAMFT                                              

                                           Cost:         $60.00 per 50 minute video session (Special Introductory Rate)

                                           Details:    No insurance accepted for e-therapy. Easy to follow instructions.

                                                             Click the link below to get started. 

To register for an e-therapy session with Devan, click HERE. **

**NOTE: Credit card required to schedule E-therapy Appointment. No shows or late cancellations will incur a $35.00 charge.