Therapy & Outpatient Treatment

                                                  Getting Started in Individual, family or Couples Therapy
  With all the stresses of life, we do all we can to simplify the therapy process. Follow the three simple steps below to get started:

        1. Visit the Counselor page and determine the therapist you would like to work with  (You may also call and discuss this with our front desk)

        2. Call our helpful front desk to schedule your first appointment

        3. Click on New Client Registration and complete the new client form online 

         (Please be sure to talk to our front desk before completing online registration)

Important information about our office:
  As you will see when reading about our therapists, many do not accept insurance. In order to remedy this, Total Life Counseling has established a

  highly discounted rate for treatment. Our office provides access to the highest quality of therapy, at a fraction of traditional fees. Each of our 

  therapists have been hand picked and brought in because of their passion for the therapeutic process. We love each of the counselors in our office

  and feel confident that you will too.


  Each of our therapists falls under one of the following titles:

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) - A licensed professional counselor has met all state requirements for licensure and has provided a

  minimum of 3200 hours of therapy post graduate. This is one of the highest credentials offered in the state of Arizona for private therapists. 

  Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) - A licensed associate counselor has met all state requirements for licensure including all education

  requirements (Masters Degree) and supervised internships. Associate counselors have passed all required state and national exams. Most

  associate counselors are working on the 3200 hours of therapy for advanced licensure.

  Behavioral Health Paraprofessional (BHPP) - A Paraprofessional is a Master's level therapist who has met all educational requirements for the state

  of Arizona. However, these therapists are in the process of completing the required state and national exams for associate licensing.

  Paraprofessionals are supervised by licensed professionals. They are trained and authorized to do the same work as a licensed counselors while

  under this supervision.

   Licensed Social Worker (LMSW) - A licensed Social Worker has met all state requirements for licensure and all education requirements for their

   Masters Degree in Social Work. It is important to point out that social workers can work as counselors but counselors can not work as social

   workers. Most LMSW's are working towards their LCSW by completing 3200 hours of supervised therapy.


  Tips:        After setting your first appointment, be sure to register online as quickly as possible. Failure to register online could result in losing your

  appointment. Make sure you check your therapist's work schedule. These are set times that your therapist works and it is important to make sure

  their schedule is compatible with yours.