About Us

Welcome to Total Life Counseling
Total Life Counseling opened in 2010 and is an Arizona Licensed Outpatient Treatment Center.  Total Life Counseling, also referred to as TLC, was started to provide a unique approach to therapy. Our office offers up-to-date mental health and substance abuse treatments that promote meaningful change and spiritual growth for our clients. In addition, we provide various groups and workshops to aid our clients in their process.

Total Life Counseling offers:

  •        Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

  •        Intensive Outpatient Programs

  •        Dialectical Behavior Groups (DBT)

  •        Support and Educational Groups

  •        Gospel approaches to therapy

  •        Affordable treatment options

Total Life Counseling takes pride in  providing a friendly, relaxing environment for

its' clients. Our clinical team is client focused and highly committed to the treatment


While some insurances are not accepted, Total Life Counseling offers the highest level of service at affordable prices.

Queen Creek / San Tan Valley

                     (480) 444 - 2434