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  • DBT & IOP Groups

  • Mindfulness training

  • Depression & Anxiety Therapy

We are proud to share the following email from a recent client of therapist Jamie Jeffery:

" I want to personally thank you for the help and counseling you gave to my daughter a couple of months ago.  You have a very warm, genuine, and caring ability to make a very personal connection. I don't know what strategies you gave to her to learn to cope and deal with her panic attacks, but what ever it was--it was 100% spot-on. There has been a night-and-day difference with her since she received counseling from you.  She has had no issues at all. She is no longer up all night pacing, or crying, or worrying.  She seems to have learned to have a self-confidence and hope in a brighter future.  She seems way more positive and optimistic, and to have learned to let go and not worry so much.

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Adolescent & Child specialists

  • Support and Skill building Groups

DBT Group Information

                     (480) 444 - 2434

DBT Groups

Coming soon to our Queen Creek / San Tan Valley Location!

Intensive Outpatient Programs

IOP programs in Queen Creek / STV are coming soon

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